Esthetic Light Cure Composite Kit


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Dental esthetic light cure composite kit is used for aesthetic restoration of front teeth. It is complete in color and cost-effective.

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Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Enamel color: A2, ICL, IBU, IAM

Dentin color: A2

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1. Dental esthetic light cure composite kit is designed for direct restoration of all types of caries. It can be used to restore teeth defect and veneer.

2. Dental esthetic light cure composite kit has a unique dispersion technology that ensures even distribution of the filler.

3. Dental esthetic light cure composite kit has the characteristics of fluoride releasing, radiopacity, optimum light resistance and high light-shielding stability.

4. It is easy to operate and does not stick to the instrument; it is suitable for restoration in most cases.


4g/Syringe*5 Light cure composite

3ml/Bottle*1 Total-etching adhesive

2.5ml/Syringe*1 Phosphoric acid etchant (37%)

5pcs/ box*1 Syringe needles

20pcs/box*1 Applicators brushes


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