Cervical Orthosis

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Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia

An advanced collar with scientific design which ensures complete immobilization on one hand and perfect comfort on the other. Frontal opening allows it to be used in patients with tracheostomy

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Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia collar helps to immobilize the neck. They are used to prevent neck flexion (forward movement), extension (backward movement), or rotation (sidewards movement) of the cervical spine.

A Philadelphia neck collar is a rigid, non-toxic hypoallergenic, latex-free foam collar that provides rigid plastic support in the front and behind your neck. It is designed to provide support to the cervical spine by preventing any movement while healing takes place.

Perfect immobilisation
Ultimate comfort
Anatomically shaped
Well ventilated
Pre-formed chin provides chin lock, arrests the neck rotation for strong immobilization. The rest to the chin improves comfort.
Anatomical and balloon design offers perfect immobilization, minimal contact on the neck, allowing use in burn or trauma patients.
Hypoallergenic materials ensure no rash or allergy even on prolonged use, are compatible with geriatric use, improves compliance.
Tracheotomy opening allows use along with endotracheal tube, improves air ventilation, comfort and compliance.
Two-piece design allows easy application, firm occipital support, option for varying rigidity.
Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia is light in weight, non-absorbent, and ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
Anatomical design for perfect immobilization and minimal contact on the neck
Preformed chin provides rest to the chin, ensures comfort, and enhances immobilization
Two-piece design helps in easy application and option to vary rigidity
Easy to clean, hypoallergenic, nonabsorbent & well ventilated`


Weight0.31 g
Dimensions21.5 × 15.5 × 20.5 cm
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