Breast Pump

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Manual Massage Breast Pump Powerful Suction Nature Baby Sucking Pregnant Women

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Complete separation of milk and airflow to effectively prevent breast milk return.
A silicone diaphragm separates milk from the air flow, preventing milk from contaminating the air tube.
A more comfortable chest for posture: You do not need to lean forward and ensure that all milk flows into the bottle.
Bottle body, dust cap, nipple and packing box
This product does not contain Bisphenol A, is made of polypropylene material, does not produce harmful substances, high temperature resistance, easy to clean.
With direct feeding the baby in the mother there are inconveniences, it will give you excellent convenience. Massage gel pad its unique design of the pump, natural fit, breast massage, gentle stimulation of lactation of two varieties of suction equator, quick suction milk, help my mother empty her breast as soon as possible, orgnomic design pens, press more convenient and economical, let you enjoy the pleasure of breast feeding


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