Blood Glucose Meter


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Blood Glucose Meter

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* Comprehensive blood test: dedicated to daily health monitoring, with test strips and lancets, painless blood collection, you can quickly track blood glucose levels at home conveniently.

* Fast and accurate test results: strong anti-interference stability. It can avoid the interference of oxygen changes in the blood, thereby ensuring accuracy. Get results in less than 5 seconds. With accurate measurements, you can safely detect and manage diabetes.

* Ease of use: Small and easy to use, only one hand is required. Simple operation, with 50 test strips + 50 blood collection needles, blood collection is almost painless. It helps to effectively reduce skin damage.

* User-friendly features: new modern design with large size and high contrast LCD display, easier to use and more discreet. Test strips are carefully designed to ensure accuracy and reliability.

* Perfect Gift: It enables you to check your physical health regularly without wasting time. It is a gift for family and friends, it can help family and friends to check blood sugar, and facilitate good health management.

Parameter: Type:

Blood glucose monitor Material:

Range: 1.1-33.3mmol / L

Display: digital liquid crystal display

Test time: 5 seconds

Operating temperatuure: 5C to 45 ℃

Memory: 30 sets

Power supply: 3VLi-Battery (CR2032) * 1


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